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Young-Scientist.in ensures that at least half of its programmes contain hands-on activities. We believe that learning happens best when immediately reinforced by a visual and tangible lesson. Some of the experiments we do are demonstrations to ensure the safety of the children. Other experiments are done by the kids either individually or in groups. We encourage the children's active participation in experiments/activities whenever possible.

- Key concepts per session are kept minimal and simple.
- Experiments and demonstrations are done repeatedly to reinforce the concepts.
- Hands-on activities are distributed over the duration of the sessions.
- Discussions on theory are brief and serve to connect the different activities.
- Videos and animations are employed whenever possible.
- Worksheets and Observation sheets are provided wherever necessary.
- Sessions are children centred and they receive our respect and priority.
- No pressure. No stress. No bullying.

Young-Scientist.in uses a learning facilitator during our sessions. Each session is designed to have a high impact on the age group it is intended for. A tentative lesson plan is made in advance and the actual experiment plan is decided based on the availability of materials & equipment at the time of the session. 


Rekindling Imagination & Reinventing Curiosity

The idea of Young-Scientist.in is to make science learning  fun and interesting.All our workshops,club sessions and other events provide more focus on practical,hands on and fun oriented learning approach to students.

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