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Android App Development Course

Android App Development Course

Android App development course using MIT App Inventor Kit.Students will learn to develop simple androi app using the App inventor kit visual builder.There will be no coding involved.Student will understand the user interface elements and it's usage.Also they will learn on simple algorithams. 
Level 1: Beginner's (8 sessions)
Duration of the course - 8 session (4 weeks)
Start date - May 3rd (tentative)
Frequency - Daily on Weekdays
Eligibility - 5th std and above
Course Fee - ₹4050 


YS Arduino, Beginner's Level  

This course provides software & hardware training. No prior coding experience needed. We'll teach you from the basics. Arduino UNO board allows students to create a variety of innovative projects. Expect interactive and hands-on sessions. Arduino project kit will be provided.

Eligibility: Class V and above
Duration: 8 sessions
Dates  : May 24th to June 2nd 2021 (Tentatively)
Kit cost: ₹1750 |Course Fee: ₹4000
Total Fee: ₹5750/- (Including kit cost)
[Important]: Shipping charges apply if the destination is outside Chennai


YS Building Electronic Circuits - Beginner's Level 

An online course to develop skills in designing and building analogue circuits on a breadboard.
Learn the basic components that go behind electronic devices with four hands-on DIY live projects.

Eligibility: Class VI and above
Code: ELECT 2301
Duration: 4 sessions, 8 hrs, 2 weeks
Date : May 8th,9th,15th,16th (Tentatively)
Timings: 4.30 PM to 6 PM (Tentatively)
Course Fee: ₹2750/


"C" Coding

This course will teach basics of C programming.C programming helps the students to learn the fundamentals of programming and the structure of programs.Course will cover the basics and provide a hands on working experience for the students.

Level 1: Beginner's (8 sessions)
Duration of the course : 8 session (4 weeks)
Start date : May 2nd Week (tentative)
Frequency : Weekends
Eligibility : 6th std and above
Course Fee : ₹4000


YS Paleontology Course

Let’s take a journey down the Scientific History of Earth with the “YS History of Earth” workshop series. The series of the workshops will discuss topics on geology and palaeontology combined with interactive activities and simulations.

Includes series of YS workshops on :
1) Story of Earth: Clock of Eras
2) Earth and Volcanoes
3) Dinosaurs
4) Fossils

Eligibility: Class I to IV
Duration: 4 sessions, 6 hrs 
Start Date : May 15th onwards every Saturday (Tentatively)
Timings: 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Course Fee: ₹1600/-

Aerospace Engineering

YS Aerospace Engineering Course

This course is designed to understand the basics of aerospace engineering. We will study the science of analyzing objects that fly. It helps participants to develop intuitive knowledge of how certain designs can manipulate the motion of some of the largest flying vehicles - rockets, aeroplanes, etc.

Eligibility: Class III to VI
Age: 8 to 11 years
Duration: 4 sessions, 6 hrs, 2 weeks
Days: Saturdays and Sundays

Course Fee: ₹1875 (Includes rocket kit)
Shipping charges apply for destinations outside Chennai


YS Junior Scientist  - [Basic Biology]

There exist a scientist in all of us, especially in young children who have a vibrant mind. What better way to bring out this scientist than the exploration of life around them? In this course, we will enable children to get to know the biological world better - starting from microscopic organisms like virus, bacteria etc., to macroscopic organisms like plants, animals and also human beings.

Eligibility: Class II to 4
Duration: 5 sessions 
Timings: 02.30 - 04.00 pm
Start Date: May 10th
Course Fee:  ₹2000


YS Basic Chemistry

They say chemistry is one of the toughest subject at school. But that's not true if you have the opportunity to be able to work hand-in-hand with chemistry by doing some of the reactions and observing their mechanism in a very interesting and engaging way.

Note: A kit containing apparatus and simple chemicals required for the experiments will be provided as part of the package.

Eligibility: Class V upto class VIII
Duration: 4 Sessions
Timings: 2.30 - 04.00 pm
Start Date - May 17th
Course Fee:  ₹2200 

Public Speaking

YS Public Speaking Course

We have all faced a crowd in front of us at some point in our life and have felt the stage-fright mounting on us. Although we know the content to be delivered very well, we stutter and fall short of words. Well! Here we are to help you with this. Our interactive session on public speaking will help you chase away any butterflies in your stomach.

Eligibility: Age 12 and above
Duration: 5 sessions (1 Hr each)
Timings: 04.30 - 05.30 pm
Start Date:May 3rd
Course Fee: ₹2000

Terms and Conditions : 

1) Each session is for the duration of 1.5 hours unless specified otherwise.

2) All sessions will happen online via Zoom and Google Classrooms will be used as needed.

3) The course kit will be sent via courier (whichever course has the kit).Young-Scientist will not be responsible for courier delay due to the current situation.

4) There could be a possibility of any course/event can be postponed or cancelled due to sickness of YS team members or facilitators.

5) If we cancel any course after collecting the payment then we will refund the payment.(Please note gateway charges or third party website commission amount will not be refunded).

6) All those who register for the course please provide a phone number which has a whatsapp.Our primary communication mode to you will be via whatsapp only.


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