We are a social impact entrepreneurship that makes science education accessible to children. We are also able to reach underprivileged sections of our society. This is made possible through a partnership with NGOs and corporates.

Since inception, over the past 4 years, we have gained expertise in a variety of forms of science communication. We have partnered with several schools in Chennai and beyond, activity centres, NGOs and have also done some corporate events.

* Science Clubs

* Science Workshops

* Science Show

* Experiment Kits

* Lab Design Consulting

* Lab Equipment Procurement

* Critical Thinking Programme

* Astrophysics Programme

* Training in special topics like Artificial Intelligence, Aeromodelling etc.

Some of the CSR activities we undertake are as follows:

Science Club in Rural Vellore

We run science clubs in a couple of village schools in Vellore (Hyderpuram and Nagal). These schools don't have science labs and we bring our mobile science lab and demonstrate experiments. We design fun activities that simplify science and provide them with materials and training.

Seva Samajam Children's Home

This children's home in Chennai runs a school and protects children from difficult backgrounds. There are three science clubs for Class VI, VI and VIII and takes place in the smart classroom. The content is multimedia-rich and we offer DIY activities as well. We have conducted 35+ sessions so far and have also been involved in mentoring the children.

Science Exhibition @ Hyderpuram Govt School conducted a science exhibition for the Hyderpuram school students.

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