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Our online Store is under construction 

We have variety of science kits,equipments and materials.To buy our science items,please send us a mail to our support id -

YS Science Capsule

Young-Scientist sells variety of Science Kit which helps students to explore various science concepts using the kit. Every science kit is accompanied with an instruction manual and a You Tube video for reference. Following are the list of kits that are presently supplied by the Since our online store is not ready,your can order the kit directly by sending a mail to us.We will take bulk order of the kits as well.

1. YS Stick Bomb
8+Rs 31115%Click Here
2. YS Prism Pod
8+Rs 65615%Click Here
3.YS Lens Pod8+Rs 74415%Click Here
4.YS Darkness Detector10+Rs 80915%Click Here
5.YS Musical Pod10+Rs 92715%Click Here
6.YS Knight Rider11+Rs 94215%Click Here
7.YS Robotics Kit12+Rs 210315%Click Here
8.YS Wind Mill8+Rs 52015%Click Here
9.YS Magnetic Pod7+Rs 95715%NA
10.YS Extension Cord12+Pre-OrderNA
11.YS Investigator Pod4+Rs 40410%NA
12.YS Explorer Pod4+Rs 35610%NA
13.YS Slimy Slime6+Rs 38415%Click Here
14.YS Blue Bottle Magic6+Rs 35515%Click Here
15.YS Solar Pod5+Rs 52310%Click Here
16.YS Chem Lab Apparatus6+Pre-OrderNA
17.YS Acids and Bases8+Pre-OrderNA
18.YS Clap Circuit10+Rs 95620%NA
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