Science Workshops ! Young-Scientist conducts workshop on various themes to enrich children’s application knowledge. For example, Young-Scientist ‘Electricity theme’ workshop deals with all the basic concept of electricity in such a way that in the end it enables children to build an extension cord. Following are the list of themes on which we conduct workhops.For schools.

We will provide  discount for the schools or groups  who engages us for conducting a workshop.

Workshop Themes

Duration Minimum
8th – 12th3-4 hrs20 (max 30)
Electro Statics9th – 12th2.30 hrs20 (max 30)
*Basic Circuit8th -12th 4.00 hrs20 (max 30)
* Robotics8th -12th 1 day (6.30 hrs)15 (max 25)
Light3rd -10th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Sound3rd -10th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Magnetism3rd -10th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Heat3rd -10th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Energy3rd -10th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Force and Motion3rd -10th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Simple Machines3rd -10th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Chemical Reactions10th -12th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Acids & Bases8th -12th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
pH8th -12th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Light Advanced6th -9th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Rockets and Spacecraft6th -12th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Introduction to 3D Printing8th and above 3 hrs25 (max 40)
Aviation for Beginners6th and above3 hrs25 (max 40)
Basics of Arduino6th and above3 hrs25 (max 40)
Basics of Electrical Circuit3rd -10th 3 hrs25 (max 40)
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