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Young Scientist.in  is a startup founded in 2015 with the vision to create a scientific ecosystem in India. In the last hundred years, India has suffered a serious decline in its contribution to pure science. Indian scientists who have won world renown are becoming historical figures and no major invention has been produced recently. Emphasis is increasingly placed on adopting foreign technologies and engineer it to local demands. We believe that the problem is the lack of proper school environment. The sure way forward is to promote scientific literacy, eagerness to create indigenous solutions and publishing high-impact research papers. To achieve this, Young-Scientist is trying to create an ecosystem which would rekindle the imagination and curiosity in the younger generations, and to reinvent their passion for science learning and research. 

It is the policy of Young-Scientist.in. to provide equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all persons regardless of age, colour, national origin, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, race, religion, caste, creed, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression.


YOUNG SCIENTIST is striving to nurture a generation of scientifically thinking moral individuals. Truth is, science education in schools is far from being acceptable. The minds of the children are being forced to think in a restricted and subservient manner. Children have the right to be free and to think outside the box. The rigid mark-oriented mindset puts the children under unnecessary pressure and stress; they begin to hate the language of nature: Science and Mathematics. Demonstration of ability and knowledge during examinations and tests is given more priority than for intellectual growth. This encourages rote learning, superficial understanding, misconceptions, and even perpetuates ignorance. We believe that the emphasis has to be placed on learning and we are out to make science education more fun and interesting.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create a scientific ecosystem which would help produce rational solutions for our everyday problems. We strongly believe that scientific research and invention requires imagination and curiosity more than a specialised degree. One can now obtain the required knowledge at their own place and pace through modern methods. School education has to adapt considering these changes, to emphasize more on skills than on knowledge, to nurture the intellectual potential in every child.

So, our mission is to rekindle children's imagination and reinvent their curiosity, a necessary motive which gets less priority in schools and parents who are blinded by the glamour of material benefits. We create educational content, provide training to students and teachers, and find new ways of community outreach to distribute our intellectual property. At Young-Scientist, we welcome all those who share our vision to get involved, collaborate, invent, innovate, learn and flourish.


Sami Balasundaram,Founder & Director
Sami is a former IT Executive and worked in the IT industry for 19 years. He finished his post graduation in Chemistry at Madras Christian College in 1996. He is a passionate learner and teacher. He lived 10 years in the US and during that time he had volunteered and participated in School Science clubs and Science Exhibitions. He believes strongly in the need for inducing imagination and curiosity which are the essential ingredients for creating Young-Scientists. Sami founded Young-Scientist.in due to his own disappointment with the current system of science education in India.

Saminathan Balasundaram

Dr Rangadurai,Academic Advisor
Dr Rangadurai is a retired professor from Vivekananda College, Chennai.He has over 36 years of academic experience.He is well known in academic circles of Chennai.He is a passionate teacher and Science enthusiast.He is also a well known quiz master.

Shilpa Rajkumar

Shilpa Rajkumar, Science Consultant
Shilpa is a science enthusiast and a passionate teacher. She loves to explore and experiment. She strongly believes the need for Science to be taught in a fun way. Shilpa is a research scholar and currently pursuing her Ph.D in Nano technology.She has a masters degree in Nano Physics.She is with Young-Scientist from the inception.

Sathya S,Admin and Accounts Executive
Mr Sathya is a commerce graduate who helps us in managing our store products as well as over all our accounts.He is also passionate about science and builds products with our consultants help.He is a hands on person and learns things very fast.



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