Astrophysics Diploma Programs is offering diploma programs for highly motivated students to explore the science of the Universe through structured online courses. Sign up for the program that suits your educational level. Enrollment closes on July 17th,2020 for ASPHY 2304 - Introduction to Black Holes. is happy to offer ASPHY 2304, Introduction to Black Holes - a structured course (6 sessions, 12 hrs). This is a core requirement to complete the Astrophysics Diploma - Level II. Students who complete the coursework receive a certificate and a personalised report evaluating their academic strengths. Check out the brochure which can be downloaded here.

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YS Astrophysics Diploma - Brochure

ASPHY 2304 - Introduction to Black Holes

Black Holes are cosmic behemoths that are at the boundary of human understanding of how nature works. They’re mostly formed when a massive star depletes its nuclear fuel and undergoes supernova, a massive explosion that leaves ane extremely dense object from which even light cannot escape. Through Einstein’s theories of relativity and work by physicists like Stephen Hawking, we understand Black Holes to an extent but this is a very active field of study in astrophysics. They are also a staple in science fiction and fuel the imaginations of children and adults alike.  

This course will require the student to spend 4 hours a week for participating in the session and 4 hours additionally for background reading and completing assignments. This is different from our usual mode of teaching and we expect the students to be responsible and highly motivated. There will be a continuous assessment and a personalised report card will be generated evaluating the academic strengths of each student.

Course Details

Please consider carefully and discuss with the student before applying for the course.

Code: ASPHY 2304

Level: Precalculus

Duration: 6 sessions, 12 hrs, 3 weeks

Starts: July 19th,2020

Days: Friday & Sunday

Time: 6 PM to 8 PM

Eligibility: Class VI and above

The course will be coordinated through Google Classroom for students and WhatsApp group for parents. The online sessions will take place over Zoom Meetings. Each student is required to have a Google account.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Survey of Black Holes
  3. Relativity & Event Horizon
  4. Understanding Singularity
  5. Mysteries of the Black Hole
  6. Review, Final Quiz & Open Mic


  1. Motivation to learn new concepts, for self-study & research.
  2. Basic knowledge in algebra and trigonometry.
  3. Willingness to allocate 4 hours per week for assignments & reading.
  4. Good broadband internet, audio and mic.

Enhanced Student Engagement

The YS Astrophysics Courses offer a structured learning experience on unique topics in astronomy and astrophysics. The online sessions are made engaging through the use of computer simulators like Space Engine, Celestia, Universe Sandbox etc. and mobile apps like Star Walk 2.

Discussion time is allotted for each session and background reading materials are provided. An open mic event is organized during the last session of the course to give a platform for the students to voice their thoughts and opinions about astrophysics in a safe environment.

White Board & Reviews

Our facilitators use the whiteboard feature to make the presentation more dynamic and human. This is often used when conducting reviews of assignments where the questions are discussed live, enabling the students to appreciate the organic process of problem-solving.

Parent's Testimonial

“This has been such a beautiful platform for the kids to explore their interests and hone their skills”

Ms Radhika Amogh

“The course was very good. It was a great experience for my daughter. She has always enjoyed your sessions. Thanks to the learning facilitator and the YS team!”

Ms Sumathi Rengarajan

“Thank you very much! You have done a wonderful job… Sripradha has been enjoying all the sessions and it was a whole lot of new and exciting learning for her, about things which she has always wanted to know... Thank you for your remarkable effort in explaining to the kids.”

Ms Subha Srinidhi

"Thank you for introducing astrophysics to Pradyun Prahlad. Irrespective of the grades my son received, I would like to place on record my appreciation. Pradyun sounds very positive and enthusiastic about the time spent on the course. It is a boon to young kids to listen to scholarly teachers - especially during this pandemic and lockdown.”

Besides science, the course indirectly helped kids to practice communication in a group.”

Mr Prakash

“Kids really enjoyed the sessions. Keep up the good work YS team”

Ms Priyanka

Student Testimonial

“Thank you for the feedback! I will try to improve my analytical and problem-solving skills. I loved the course, I felt it was very fun.”

Raghav Aditya, 12 yrs

“I really enjoyed this course and was thankful to be a part of it. I am enthusiastic about the next part of this course: Introduction to Black Holes. I have only one critique, I think that the course would be more enjoyable and engaging if we are given the opportunity to work as a group during the sessions, to solve some of the problems that are normally given as optional questions in the assignments. It would be nice to collaborate with some of the other students.”

Yuktav Srinivas, 13 yrs

“The course was very informative and mind-opening. I am looking forward to the next course. As said in the report card, I need to improve on group discussion, analytical and problem-solving skills. Will start working on it!”

Zubayr Ahmad Bukhari Syed, 12 yrs


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