Science Workshop

Young-Scientist conducts workshop on various themes to enrich children’s application knowledge. For example, Young-Scientist ‘Electricity theme’ workshop deals with all the basic concept of electricity in such a way that in the end it enables children to build their own extension cord.
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Science Club

Young-Scientist Science Clubs are fun and exciting way to learn and understand the scientific concepts.Our clubs run based on a scientific theme with practical demonstration where kids can have hands on experience.Kids are encouraged to learn the concept through interactive sessions as well.Our clubs are currently organised in residential communities and Schools.Those who are interested to have our clubs in their communities can contact us. Learn more...


Science Show

Young-Scientist science shows will provide great visual experience for the kids. Our experts conduct experiment in such a manner that they are not only visual treat but explains the concept of science behind these experiments in fun way too. Our science show would be an awesome option for a child's birth day party. Learn more...


Science Fair

Young-Scientist can conduct a science fair for the school and assist the children for the program. Science Fair could be the best way to kindle children’s curiosity and imagination towards Science. Young-Scientist can organize a fair and bring external judges to judge the best projects/innovation. . Learn more...


Science Quiz

Young-Scientist can help the schools/ organisations to conduct a science quiz for children / adults.Science quiz will be conducted by experienced quiz masters from the Young-Scientist team.Young-Scientist would be open to conduct a joint quiz event with any School /Academic institutions.If you are looking for a partner to conduct a Science quiz.Please reach out to us. 


Science Curriculum

Young-Scientist science literacy curriculum "SCOUBI" provides an effective path way for science literecy in early child hood.Our curriculum is being piloted in a reputed Day care service center in Chennai.  Learn more...


Boot Camp

Science Boot Camps are conducted in partnership with School for 2 to 5 days.Young-Scientist will conduct variety of hands on science enrichment activities as part of the different workshop.Each workshop will be from different scientific theme.The school which organises the Boot Camp should bring a minimum number of students for the Boot Camp. 


Lab Design

We offer our YS Exploratory Studio design for schools which are intereted setup a composite lab.As part of our studio design we also provide an experiement handbook with close to 200 experiments to use in the lab. Learn more...


Science Kits

Young-Scientist offer wide variety of science kits /capsules which can be used as learning suplement,birth day gifts /return gifts and as a science project for demonstration. Learn more...

  • Scale Models - We make different scale models.Currently we have PSLV (6ft)  and Wind tunnel scale model designs are available.If you are interested to buy please  reach out to us!
  • Science Tours/ Industrial Visit- We conduct science shows and lab visit in Asthagiri Herbal Research Foundation,Chennai.If you are a school/college and interested in lab visit or science tour then please  contact us!
  • YS Science Club Franchise Program - We offer our science clubs in a franchise mode for those who are interested and passionate about science teaching.If you are an individual / activity center a and interested to run our club in a franchise mode then please contact us!
  • Home Schooling Needs  - For those parents who are looking for help in getting science materials for your home schooling needs please contact us.We partner with Pandya Press (Florida based company) to handle home schooling needs.


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