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Our science centre which was in Sholinganallur is closed and we moved to smaller office space

Our long-standing dream of launching a Science Center in Chennai is coming closer to reality. We have opened our Science Centre in Sholinganallur on Nov 1st, 2018. As a self-funded startup, it's always challenging to have anything made ready upfront. The YS Science Centre is by far our single largest endeavour since inception. Our ambition is large and we will be implementing our vision step by step.

We have started receiving our first club members and visitors at the centre. This is the first step of several yet to follow, and the development of YS Science Centre is very much a work in progress. We want to make this place a one-stop for all your science needs.

We look forward to your visit in the future and to explore science in a fun way! 

Below are some of the plans for the future...

YS Science Centre

Science Lounge
The Science lounge is designed to benefit our adult visitors- especially parents bringing their kids for workshops. It will have an access to our expanding library and other exhibits of intrigue. It will also provide comfortable seating under shade and free WiFi.

YS Science Centre

Science Lab
We have setup a science lab for the club and workshop sessions. It will be a self-sufficient and secure space for experiments and science exploration. An electronics lab is in the plans as well!


Science Room
We clearly cannot reveal much about the science room! All we can say is that this room is intended to provide an unforgettable experience of science. It will be something your kids would want to come back to over and over!

YS Science Centre

Activity Spaces
We have set up two conference rooms with a capacity to hold 25 persons for multiple purposes, mainly to host our club and workshop sessions, science shows and talks. It would also serve as our studio to record online content, workshops and multimedia. The terrace will be made available to serve as a venue for your science birthday parties.


Science Club

The regular science club (Kalam and Faraday) sessions are scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings.To enroll in our club please fill the form...


Science Workshop

A wide variety of new our classic workshops is planned to be held on Sundays. Some of the workshops may be offered in other venues as well.For more details please visit our upcoming events page...


Science Shows

In addition to the generic science shows conducted so far, theme-based ones are being developed. You can expect them on certain Sundays and special occasions.For more details please visit our upcoming events page...

  • Science Courses - Aimed at the highly driven students who want an in-depth treatment of their favourite science topics. A typical course is about 12 weeks. Enroll now
  • IIT Foundation Classes  - Develop your aptitude for science, cultivate an attitude for competitive exams and achieve your full potential.Enroll now 
  • Google Science Fair - Mentorship- Receive expert help and guidance in creating your entry for international science competitions.Enroll now 
  • Science Olympiad Training - Combine fun and rigour in this unique multidisciplinary training programme to prepare for Olympiads: Science, Biotechnology, Logical Reasoning & more.Enroll now
  • Summer Camps - Beat the heat the best way possible, with the coolest science experiments of the year!. Enroll now
  • Science Games -  An intelligent mind can find amusement in anything. Enjoy science like never before in the form of arcade games, card games, board games & more!. Enroll now


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