YS Stargazing - with Augmented Reality | Online Workshop

This workshop time is selected for kids who has an access to night sky.We recommend the kids live in US ,CANADA, Mexico or any other location which has a night sky during the workshop time

YS Stargazing - with Augmented Reality

Online Workshop

Young-Scientist.in conducts awesome science workshops for kids using visual tools and emphasizes experiential learning. We have been conducting several online sessions this summer and have 100+ hrs of experience in conducting online events.

This workshop on astronomy will use: Star Walk 2 It's a free, mobile app that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to help identify night sky objects. This time has been chosen to maximize the benefit of stargazing for the NA region. to create. 

Workshop Objective:

  1. Introduce the functions of Star Walk 2
  2. Learn to use a direction chart
  3. Build and learn to use a simple sextant
  4. Use virtual reality to enhance the experience of stargazing
  5. Participate in challenges and star hunting activities

Note: Participants are requested to use a mobile phone or a tablet on which they can comfortably run Star Walk 2. This app is also available on the Apple app store. Instructions to make the sextant and direction chart will be provided to registrants.


  • T -10 mins: System & Audio Check
  • T -00 mins: Basics of Stargazing    (45 mins)
  • T+45 mins: DIY Sextant Activity    (15 mins)
  • T+60 mins:Stargazing with Star Walk 2    (15 mins)
  • T+75 mins:Discussion & Quiz      (15 mins)
  • Eligibility : Grade IV & above ( Grade III students also can join if one their parent help them during the session) Recommended for North-American region or any location that would have access to the night sky during the workshop time
  • Date : July 18th,2020
  • Time : 8.30  to 10.00 PM EDT | 7.30  to 9.00 PM CDT| 5.30 to 7.00 PM PDT
  • Mode :Online via Zoom (link will be shared with registered participants)
  • Fee :US$ 7.99
  • Registration :   Please register here

How the webinar works:

  1. The registered number will be added to a temporary WhatsApp group where further instructions will be shared.
  2. The online session will take place over Zoom Meetings.
  3. A computer with headphones and a reliable internet connection is necessary.
  4. The facilitator will share their computer screen where the content will be displayed (Powerpoint presentation, worksheets, software UI, videos, simulations, virtual tour etc.).
  5. The facilitator will also be giving live audio commentary and explanations.
  6. The participants can interact with the facilitator using the chat feature.
  7. The participants will have their audio muted and their webcam stopped to ensure a smooth streaming experience for all.
  8. One ticket permits one device (computer/tablet) to join the Zoom Meeting
  9. The live stream of the online session is only for personal use, and thus shouldn't be recorded or transmitted or projected to an audience unauthorised by the organizer
  10. You may experience network latency during the session considering the high internet usage because of lockdown.

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