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We welcome Institutional investors and angels (Genuine)

YS is a social enterprise.Our revenue growth is slow but stable.We believe we have a good potential and we are evolving.If you are interested to invest (USD 500K or more).Please reach out to us.

YS Inception to Now

1 July 2015

Young-Scientist.in(YS) Inception

On July 2015 YS concept was first came into the existence.Initial months were spent on customer connect,evaluating market and creating a foundation

1 Oct 2015

First Science Club

Our first science club (tangiable revenue generating) service was started on Oct 2015 with the help of supportive customers.

 Dec 2016 

First Science Show

This is when the evolution of our services started.We started pilot science show and found parent community is very interested and supportive.

1 Mar 2017

Incorporated as Pvt Ltd 

Company incorporated as pvt ltd to accomodate interested angel investors

1 July 2017

Workshop in IIT-M Research Park

Our regular week end workshop moved from Anna Library to IIT-M research park.This has created a new phase in our journey . Our visibility increased and the  identity of YS started evolving.  

30 Sept 2018

YS Science Centre Setup

Our ambition grew which led to science centre setup in Sholinganallur with labs and training facilities

Oct 2019

First major Corporate Event

 First major corporate event as part of the employee enagement program

Nov 2019

Another Major corporate event

Another corporate event for Children's day as part of the employee enagement program

1 Dec 2019

Shutting down YS Science Centre

The concept of Science Centre was struggling financially and we were not able to make it successful. Had to let go. 

2nd Quarter of 2020

YS Learning Platform

We are in the process of building YS Learning platform which we think has a potential to bring multifold revenue growth (If you are interested to invest and want to know more, please contact us).


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