Science Equipment Rental 

We have variety of science kits,equipments and materials.To rent,please send us a mail to our support id - uses variety of equipments, instruments and models for our workshops and sessions. We have decided to rent these equiments, instruments and models to our user community (school / corporate users). If you are planning any science themed events and  looking to enrich the event with science models and equipments.Please reach out to us for renting.

Items will be given for minimum of 24 hours rental and maximum of 3 days.Security deposit for each rental item must be paid upfront.Items returned with damage will not be accepted and instead item's price will be deducted from security deposit.

Below are the list of items (not exhaustive) currently available for rent.

NAME OF THE ITEMType Category Deposit
Wave motion machine
Science ModelPhysics
Rs 1800
Student Microscope
Rs 5000
Sepectrometer with accessories
(with out a lighting source)
InstrumentPhysicsRs 8500
Centre of Gravity ToysScience ModelPhysicsRs 750
Petrol Engine Model, 4 StrokeScience ModelEngineeringRs 3250
Diesal Engine Model, 4 StrokeScience ModelEngineeringRs 3600
YS Electron Diagram BoardScience ModelChemistryRs 5000
Spring Slinky-75mm diameterScience ModelPhysicsRs 200
Heating MantleEquipmentChemistryRs 2000
Human LungsScience ModelBiologyRs 500
Human HeartsScience ModelBiologyRs 500
Human BrainScience ModelBiologyRs 500
Human Kidney On Stand Science ModelBiologyRs 500
Human Torso Male Science ModelBiologyRs 5000
Newton's colour Disc-6" diameterScience ModelPhysicsRs 700
Navigating compassEquipmentPhysicsRs 2000
Van De Graff Generator- ElectricalEquipmentPhysicsRs 5000
Free Fall Apparatus- complete
including Timer with all accessories
InstrumentPhysicsRs 2250
Solar & Lunar Eclipses Model, Hand OperateInstrumentPhysicsRs 1000
Day & Night Model,
Hand operated with electric bulb
InstrumentPhysicsRs 1000
YS Periscope (6 ft)Science ModelPhysicsRs 2500
YS Pneumatic Projectile LauncherInstrumentPhysicsRs 5000
YS PSLV Rocket ModelScience ModelPhysicsRs 8000
Steam Engine Science ModelPhysicsRs 3000
Mineral SetScience ModelChemistryRs 750
Video Casette Recorder (VCR - opened)  InstrumentElectronicsRs 5000
Laptop (opened)InstrumentElectronicsRs 5000
Sony Walkman (un opened)InstrumentElectronicsRs 2500
Yashika Flim Camera (un opened)InstrumentPhysicsRs 2500
Water Pump ( opened)InstrumentMechanicalRs 1000
YS Dynamo model 
(to demonstrate electricity generation
using dynamo)
InstrumentMechanicalRs 6000
PrismInstrumentPhysicsRs 100
Transformer ModelScience ModelPhysicsRs 1000
Touch Me Not Plant
(Live plant in a glass pot)
PlantBiologyRs 1500
Xylaphone InstrumentPhysicsRs 9000
Computer Hard Disk (optical Drive)Science ModelElectronicsRs 2250
Glass Distillation Set EquipmentChemistryRs 5000
Fresnal LensScience ModelPhysicsRs 500
Conical Flask,Round Bottom Flask,Beaker,
      Measuring Cylinder,Separating Funnel
EquipmentChemistryRs 500 
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