Story of Universe

Explore the Universe w/ Space Engine

This session will survey some of the important celestial objects like stars, galaxies, black holes, quasars etc. We'll discuss some fundamental concepts in astronomy and cosmology. We'll use Space Engine, a space simulator, to take a virtual tour of the Universe. There will be a quiz and a group discussion as well. Please use the coupon code - YSNAWS001

Clock of Eras

Clock of Eras

This session will focus on the formation of Earth and the subsequent eras that changed it from a volcanic hell to the blue planet we now live in. A Montessory activity will be conducted to supplement the exploration of the 5 billion years of our planet's geological evolution!. Please use the coupon code - YSNAWS003

YS Star Gazing


This workshop on astronomy will use: Star Walk 2 It's a free, mobile app that uses Augmented Reality (AR) to help identify night sky objects. This time has been chosen to maximize the benefit of stargazing for the NA region. This workshop is completed.

How the webinar works:

  1. The registered number will be added to a temporary WhatsApp group where further instructions (including meeting link) will be shared.
  2. The online session will take place over Zoom Meetings.
  3. A computer with headphones and a reliable internet connection is necessary.
  4. The facilitator will share his/her computer screen where the content will be displayed (Powerpoint presentation, worksheets, software UI, videos, simulations, virtual tour etc.).
  5. The facilitator will also be giving live audio commentary and explanations.
  6. The participants can interact with the facilitator using the chat feature or unmuting the audio.
  7. The participants will have their audio muted and their webcam stopped to ensure a smooth streaming experience for all.However during the discussion and question time audio and video will be enabled
  8. One ticket permits one device (computer/tablet) to join the Zoom Meeting
  9. The live stream of the online session is only for personal use, and thus shouldn't be recorded or transmitted or projected to an audience unauthorised by the organizer
  10. You may experience network latency during the session considering the high internet usage because of lockdown.

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