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YS Astro Physics Diploma Program

Young-Scientist.in offers diploma program for school and college students via several Astro Physics courses.First batch of ASPHY2301 completed their course.

Young-Scientist.in is happy to offer ASPHY 2301, Introduction to Astrophysics - a structured course (8 sessions, 16 hrs). This is one of the required course to complete the Astrophysics Diploma programme, which will comprise of several courses yet to be revealed.

This course will require the student to spend 4 hours a week for participating in the session and 4 hours additionally for background reading and completing assignments. This is different from our usual mode of teaching and we expect the students to be responsible and highly motivated. There will be a continuous assessment and a personalised report card will be generated highlighting the strengths and weakness of each student. 

Please consider carefully and discuss with the student before applying for the course.

Code: ASPHY 2301

Level: Precalculus

Duration: 8 sessions, 16 hrs, 4 weeks

Starts: June 5th,2020

Days: Friday & Sunday

Time: 6 PM to 8 PM

Eligibility: Class VI and above


1. Motivation to learn new concepts, for self-study & research.

3. Basic knowledge in algebra and trigonometry.

4. Willingness to allocate 4 hours per week for assignments & reading.

5. Good broadband internet, audio and mic.

Here is the high level course plan with the topic for each session

1    Introduction

2     Survey of Astronomy

3     Motion & Gravitation

4     Atoms & Radiation

5     Observational astronomy & Stargazing

6     Space Engine

7     Spectra & Star Classification

8     Review



My son who is 10 years old (5th Grade) is interested in the course, but Algebra (equations) have not yet been taught at school. So do you recommend for him to join this course? Please guide accordingly.

We only expect familiarity with the basics of algebra & trigonometry during a few sessions and can provide resources that your son can use to learn. If he still has trouble with those concepts or anything else, he can seek support during the open discussion segment of each session (30 mins at the end). We highly encourage the students to take this opportunity to take the effort to learn new things on their own, something that they'll have to develop as they progress in their academic career. It won't be easy, but if you think your son can rise up to the challenge you're welcome to enrol him. 


Would there be an interim support for students during the week for any queries?

The students will have to email the facilitator about their query. The last 30 mins of each session will be allocated for review and open discussion. More details about the course plan, the type of assignments, student responsibilities, and grading will be emailed to the registered students in a few days.


Will you provide recordings of the sessions?

Recordings will be shared with the students on a case by case basis. Participation in the classroom is essential to the learning process. The videos will be made available for those sessions which require their access to complete assignments.


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