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YS Workshop Passes

Makes life easy for the regular attendee's

This feature is meant for the benefit of those attending YS Events regularly. The incentives to use this feature are:

No convenience fee
No repeated form filling in Events High for workshop registration
Reduced number of payments
Normalised fee for YS Events
One free cancellation
More options to interact with the YS team.

Please fill the form to buy the workshop passes

Terms & Conditions (T&C)

1. Young-Scientist.in (YS) reserves the right to accept or reject a request to purchase passes.

2 A customer can buy a maximum of 2 bundles at a time. They have to exhaust the existing passes before purchasing additional ones. Each pass is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

3. Certain workshops will not be eligible for registration by redemption of passes. If the reason is because of a higher ticket price, passes may be redeemed after the customer pays the difference. This is expected for DIY type and special workshops.

4.Customers are allowed to redeem the passes until 2 days before the workshop date. If seats are available on the day of the event, they may use the WS passes for on-spot registration.

5.Once the ticket is issued, it's assumed that the customer has used 1 Pass irrespective of whether they attend the workshop or not. Passes once redeemed will not be reversed unless the event is cancelled by YS.

6.As a benefit to the passholder, they will be allowed an one-time reschedule of the workshop ticket, purchased by redeeming a pass, by emailing us 24 hours prior to the workshop. This will be valid only when an acknowledgement of the same is sent by the YS support team. Emails must be sent to support@young-scientist.in

7.Please note that if you miss a workshop and fail to get in touch with us, it will be considered a No Show and the redeemed pass cannot be returned.

8.Passes can be used only by the authorized purchaser. Passes cannot be transferred to others without an explicit approval from YS team communicated via email.

9.There will be no refund or cancellation of the procured passes.

10.Passes can be used for any number of children. e.g. You can redeem 4 passes to have 4 tickets issued for 4 children.

11.Pass holders will have an option to join an exclusive WhatsApp group which will allow two-way communication with the YS Team. Pass holders will get advanced information on the planned workshops

12.Passholders must follow all the workshop rules, especially the eligibility for each event.


How does it work?

Here is the quick preview of how the workshop pass purchase process works.Please review it in detail to understand the full flow.


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