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YS Astronomy Workshop Series

Young-Scientist.in offers series of workshop on Astrophysics and Astronomy

Eligibility - 12 + Years or 6th Grade & above

Black holes are the strangest things in the Universe at the edge of human understanding. It is the remnant core of a massive star that has exhausted its nuclear fuel and dies, collapsing under its own gravity.

We will continue our journey through the YS Astrophysics Workshop Series and focus this session on Black Holes. The material is derived from the successful 12-week course offered at the YS Science Centre over a period of three months. This workshop will be challenging and use concepts from Quantum Mechanics and Relativity to study Astronomy. Only highly motivated students are recommended to register.

All registrants will be given a preliminary online quiz. Please ensure that the student takes the quiz honestly.

Questions to explore:

1. What is a black hole?How are they formed?

2. What is Event Horizon?Is the film "Interstellar" accurate?

3. What happens when you fall into a black hole?

4. How does gravity affect light when photons have no mass?

5. What is a singularity? What are wormholes?

6. How big can black holes get?

Workshop Objective :

* Explore astrophysics further and study the science behind Black Holes.

* Review stellar mechanics and clarify the conditions necessary for a black hole to form.

* Apply concepts from Electromagnetism and Quantum Physics to understand how Black Holes behave.

* Introduce concepts like Schwarzschild radius, Hawking radiation, information loss paradox etc.

Part I - Review of Stellar Mechanics

+ Types of stars
+ Stellar nucleosynthesis
+ Supernovae ; Charles' Law
+ How are black holes, neutron stars and white dwarves formed?
+ Chandrasekhar Limit

Part II - Black Holes

+ HIstory, prediction and detection
+ Schwarzschild radius and Event Horizon
+ Virtual particles and Hawking radiation 

Part III - Genius of Einstein

+ General Relativity of Einstein
+ Gravitational Lensing
+ Detection of Black Holes
+ Gravitational Waves




Astronomy Quiz


Charles' Law Demonstration


Flow Chart - Life of a Star


Gravitational lensing


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