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The Brain eXceL Series Program

Let's understand the "Thinking Process"


Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking, although interdisciplinary, is not specifically a business skill. Yet, successful business people do use it every day. Critical thinking is key to making better business decisions. It helps rationalise assumptions, understand frames of reference, maintain a strict ethical code, improve problem-solving and much more.

Young-Scientist.in has been researching and developing training programmes in critical thinking for nearly three years; studying how children learn and its reflection in the aptitude of college graduates and job performance of young professionals. After successfully completing a few trials close to home, we are now ready to offer our training modules to the corporate sector.


Professional Training

We  have special modules for professionals. These are based on our research into critical thinking and learnability quotient. We believe that children are rapid learners with high curiosity. If those qualities are combined with the discipline of adults, we get high functioning professionals. Our critical thinking modules are also fun and aim to improve the following:
1.Problem Solving
2.Decision Making
3.Deductive & Inductive Reasoning
4.Leadership & Persuasion


Brain eXceL Series Modules

The Brain XL series of workshops offer sessions on a variety of topics on critical thinking. The tentative list of topics are given below:

1. YS Brain XL Workshop, Critical Thinking - an introduction
2. YS Brain XL Workshop, Pattern Recognition
3. YS Brain XL Workshop, Spatial Reasoning
4 . YS Brain XL Workshop, Verbal Reasoning
5. YS Brain XL Workshop, Game Theory & Leadership
6. YS Brain XL Workshop, Decision Making
7. YS Brain XL Workshop, Problem Solving
8. YS Brain XL Workshop, Engineering Challenges

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