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YS Event Reviews 

This is what our parents say.......

Nov 4, 2019

"My son enjoyed learning Rocket Workshop. We came to know about the event for the first time and this topic was really good and my son felt happy. Best part was the explanation and launching rockets with kids was a awesome show". - by Sridhar for YS Kids Rocket Workshop from Young-Scientist

Nov 4, 2019

" My son really enjoyed it . Only if the team would give tips on retaining the information for longer time it would be g8 effort . I would request the team to keep continuing this . We would look forward more of such real time pratical experiements. And make them think more . Thanku " . - by Deepa Ranganathan for YS Sound Workshop, from Young-Scientist.

Nov 3, 2019

"My kid attended rocket workshop today. He was finding the workshop very interesting and wanted to attend more workshops. The follow-up of the workshop was great as I was shared with the concepts of the demonstration. Very good communication of the staff through WhatsApp". Thanks - by Ramkumar Raghavan for YS Kids Workshop on Weather, from Young-Scientist"

Oct 3, 2019

"My son loved the Astrophysics session. Kudos to the teachers who kept the session interesting and engaging"  - by Abirami for YS Astronomy Workshop, from Young-Scientist

Jul 22, 2019

"This is an excellent event for kids to simulate their thinking ability. Appreciate the efforts from the organizers and their willingness to inculcate their thoughts to future India". - by Seema Jayakanthan for YS Kid's Rocket Workshop, from Young-Scientist

Apr 16, 2019

"The children found it to be a very good learning experience and enjoyed the activity". - by Aparna for YS DIY Tensegrity Robot Structure Workshop, from Young-Scientist

Apr 8, 2019

"The event was organised properly and I felt the money is absolutely worth for the event. YS team are sincere and honest in their workshop and good care of the kids as well. I would recommend their workshops for everyone.we are happy with their efforts keep going". - by pooja Datta Gilda for YS Force and Motion Workshop, from Young-Scientist

Dec 28, 2018

"The fees could have been a little less.Parents should be allowed to watch (of course, from a uninterruptible distance) their kids' activities, if they desire so.From my 10-yr old son's feedback, i am able only to guess that the program should have been 'good'; i don't get the impression of 'great' (probably since i don't know firsthand)."  - by Rajkumar P for YS Winter Science Camp from Young-Scientist

Oct 3, 2018

"You can provide instrument for everyone ,only 14 students are came. You can give individual attention to everyone.One of my child didn't do anything.knowbody cares. You can make them write the temperature.Average. "- by Uma Maheshwari for YS Fundamentals of Chemistry Workshop

Sep 24, 2018

"First time for my son. He liked the way you have conducted along with some experiments. Looking forward to next workshop". - by V SANJEEVAN for YS Basic Gravitation from Young-Scientist 

Aug 16, 2018

"My daughter enjoyed a lot. She gave an excellent explanation after reaching home. Very happy about the workshop. Looking forward for more n more workshops for 4 th graders. Hats off to all the staffs" - by Patrina Jenaras for YS Energy Workshop from Young-Scientist

YS Winter Science Camp @ Jhoola Activity Centre from 26-Dec19 to 28-Dec19

"It was a wonderful learning experience for farheen and she had a lot of fun in the science camp. Thanks for your efforts" - by Zareen

"Thanks for the science camp, it was really nice. Vishvesh and Shivesh learnt science with a very practical approach" - by Priya

"Gehna felt the science camp was so useful and informative, and the hands on experience was really good. Thank you so much, Jhoola and Young-Scientist team, your efforts are fruitful. All the best for your future endeavours." - by Revathi

"Although Roshan has attended the science sessions before, it was the first time for the younger one who attended the science camp. He said it was very interesting and gave good feedback about his time there. I hope he was manageable." - by Vino

"It was a really interesting session for Prashant and he enjoyed it a lot. I thank Deepika for arranging such a nice programme" by Subbulakshmi

"Thanks Deepika for arranging such a wonderful camp. Thanks Young-Scientist for all the beautiful and thoughtful activities. It was so fascinating for him to see the stomata through a microscope!" - by Ks


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