IIT-M Research Park Workshop FAQ

What is Young-Scientist?

Young-Scientist (YS) was founded in 2015 with the aim to make science simple and fun for children. It provides science enrichment programs that emphasize visual learning and employs hands-on activities.

Are you guys from IIT-Madras?

The YS team comprises of members from a varied background. The founder studied Chemistry in graduate school and built a career in the IT industry spanning two decades. We have physics majors, chemistry enthusiasts, engineers, science lovers, retired professors, researchers and others in the team - united by our aim to make science accessible to all.

What else do you do besides science workshops?

We organize science camps and run science clubs in schools and apartments. We are passionate about education research and are constantly developing teaching tools, experiment kits, science curriculum, infographics, etc. We also design YS Exploration Studio - a comprehensive science lab for schools.

I have registered for the workshop/camp. What happens next?

1. Upon successful registration, you'll receive an SMS notification and an email from EventsHigh which can serve as a ticket.

2. The contact number provided will be added to our WhatsApp group in a few days. If you don't have WhatsApp or use a different number for it, or if you haven't been added, please get in touch with us.

3. In addition to the instructions sent via the confirmation email from EventsHigh, we will be updating you on the event and the venue in the WhatsApp group.

4. After the workshop/event is over, a report will be posted in the group along with a link to the Google Photos album containing pictures from the session.

I won't be able to attend a workshop I registered for. What do I do?

Our policy does not allow for cancellation of registration. We request all to plan carefully before purchasing event tickets. If your circumstances are extenuating, please get in touch at least 2 days before the event date through email (support@young-scientist.in) to submit your case. Our team will review and decide if we could help you. Your full or partial payment may be allowed to be used for a different workshop. Only when an event is cancelled by the organizer will a refund ever be provided.

IIT-M Research Park Workshop - General Instructions

IITM-Research Park (not inside IIT Madras) can be a confusing place for the first time visitor; it will be tough to locate the event hall, so please plan to come early and avoid the stress.

Those who are approved to register and pay on-the-spot, please arrive 30 minutes earlier. Our staff will outside the hall to take your payment.

IITM-Research Park has plenty of parking space and the pricing is ₹100 per car.

We will start the seating arrangement 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the event. 

Parents are free to wander at IITM-Research Park during the show and return 15 min before the end.

We will try to hand over the kids only to their parents, and please come in time to pick up and wait for us to send the kids one by one.

Any purchase/payment done at the venue must be through cash since we don't have a card machine.

Please advise your children to follow our instructions carefully.

Please note the pricing for the event is based on the cost of renting the hall, staffing, and commission to third party websites, materials and so on. Please use your discretion to participate.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/complaint to share after the event, please send us a mail to customer_support@young-scientist.in.

We will add all the workshop registrants into our WhatsApp group to publish information about upcoming events and other updates. Please do not forward or spam the group.

If you want to leave our WhatsApp group anytime, please free to do so.

Some of our workshops are conducted jointly with other partners. Our aviation workshop is conducted in partnership with the Department of Aeronautics, Hindustan University.

Young-Scientist.in reserves the right to cancel its events and workshops. A refund will be initiated through EventsHigh.

There is no cancellation or refund option for those unable to attend a workshop or event. Please plan carefully before purchasing tickets for our events.
PLEASE DO NOT USE the default address of the venue which GoogleMaps provides. To reach the venue, use Ramanujan IT City as the end location in GoogleMaps and continue for about 200 meters until you see the IITM-Research Park entrance on your left.

Further information on the venue and landmarks can be found here (copy-paste the URL into your browser):



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