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YS Certification Courses

Young-Scientist.in offers structured & indepth learning via our certification courses

The YS Workshops are a great way to get introduced to new areas of study and gain fresh perspectives on familiar ideas. There are also those that require a more rigorous treatment of the study material and desire a structured learning program over a longer duration. These courses also provide a guided exploration of concepts beyond the standard curriculum available to students and aid in college preparation. We offer the YS Courses for such aspirants in a convenient format. 

Live sessions 

1. Duration - 4, 8 or 16 hours 

2. Mode - Online & Face to Face (only online courses are currently offered)

3. Simplified eligibility criteria

4. Unique Student ID

5. Personalised Learning Report

6. Certificate

Key Features:

Learning Quotient: This comprises a comprehensive set of tools and metrics that give insight and a measure of one’s learning progress. This is meant to motivate the student and track their personal advancement. We do not introduce stress in education by enabling competition between students and arbitrary deadlines. Each child learns at their own pace and our goal is to maximise the efficiency of this process without compromising on the joy of learning. The efficiency of Learning Quotient relies on the enthusiasm with which the students provide feedback by engaging with the facilitator and the learning tasks provided.

Interactive Sessions: We view our students as motivated learners and provide them with a diverse set of learning tasks and activities, both during and beyond the session. We facilitate the learning process by enabling rich conversations and interactions between fellow students and with different learning tools. Our facilitators are are friendly, fun and strive to simplify complex ideas through visual aids and use methods like:

1. Quizzes and Worksheets

2. Simulations and Videos

3. Group discussions and Q&A

4. Hands on activities (during & beyond the session)

5. Reading material

6. Research and free exploration of concepts

Earning Credits: Many of the courses fall under a broader category and the accumulation of learning hours in a particular field must be acknowledged as an achievement. We have established the following metric to measure the progress each student has made in their educational journey with us. There are plans to allow the student to use their credits and graduate with a diploma certificate on different subjects.

Type of ProgramCredits Earned
YS Workshop1
YS Course - 4 hrs2
YS Course - 8 hrs3
YS Course - 16 hrs4
Simplified Eligibility: The science & technology courses are divided into three categories based on the mathematical level expected of the student. Other courses specify the prerequisites needed to enroll. As more courses get rolled out, the advanced ones will require the foundation courses as prerequisites.
Level IConceptual
1. Establish the motivations for qualitative analysis
2. Introduce the basic concepts and definitions
3. Clarify or Identify misinterpretations and pitfalls
4. Provide examples of utility and future potential
5. Minimal use of mathematics

Class II to V

Level IIPrecalculus1. Establish the need for quantitative analysis
2. Express the concepts and definitions using math
3. Provide training in problem solving and case studies
4. Moderate use of math techniques without Calculus
Class VI to X
Level IIICalculus1. Establish the power of analysis using calculus
2. Review differential and integral calculus
3. Express the concepts and discuss results rigorously
4. Provide training in problem solving and real life applications

Class XI, XII & above
YS Course Code
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Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)


How do I enroll for a course?

Please submit the enrollment form for the course you’re interested in and we’ll get in touch with you to take the next steps. The enrollment forms for active courses can be found here .

1. ASPHY 2301 - Introduction to Astrophysics
2. APPDEV 2301 - Android App Development, using MIT App Inventor


How do I pay the course fee??

As of now, the available payment options include PayTM and net banking. Please get in touch if help is needed for remitting the course fee.


Are discounts and scholarships available?

As of now, we don’t have financial aid set up for the students. However, incentives may be provided for certain courses if the fee is remitted in full and in advance.


How will I be updated after enrolling in a course?

A dedicated WhatsApp group will be created to coordinate with the enrolled students. The updates and study material will also be sent by email. We request the student to periodically check their email during the course.


What does precalculus and calculus mean?

Calculus refers to a set of mathematical techniques used in advanced analysis. Depending on the curriculum a school student may start learning calculus during the last two years of school or only when in college. Precalculus refers to the typical math that’s learned in preparation for this, usually algebra and trigonometry.


What does the course code mean?

The letters at the beginning indicate the broad area of study to which the course belongs. The first number of the code specifies the level, the second digit represents the number of credits and the last two digits further differentiate the courses which otherwise have common attributes.


I’ve already attended YS Workshops on the topic a course is now being offered, will there be new content?

By design, the YS Courses are meant to be more rigorous and detailed. While the workshops aim to introduce new concepts and perspectives, the courses explore them further and provide new learning resources, activities and assignments. There is also a greater emphasis on peer-instruction: group discussions, debates and student presentations.


Who will track the credits I gain?

We will maintain a file in our records to track the progress of each student. A unique student ID will be generated and can be used as reference to access one’s information.


What is the minimum requirement to be eligible for course completion?

The students are expected to attend all the sessions, participate in the learning tasks and complete all assignments. Since extenuating circumstances can prevent one from attending certain sessions, the recordings are available for catching up. While all students receive a certificate, the final grade for the course depends on the quality of work exhibited by the student, and if the course work is not completed to a satisfactory level, an Incomplete (I) grade will be awarded.


Will the students be assigned a grade based on their work?

Yes, each student will be graded on multiple criteria like attendance, classroom participation, completion and quality of learning tasks (assignments), projects etc. The particular system will vary according to the course and a detailed report card will be generated for each student.


When will the diploma program be available?

We are currently developing new courses and consolidating existing content in a structure that fits into a larger program. Once we have a clear idea of the different learning paths a student can take to be eligible for graduating with a diploma certificate, we will announce it. This is expected to be established before the end of 2020


How will I get my course completion certificate?

An electronic copy will be emailed to all eligible students and a physical copy, if requested, will be mailed to the address of choice within the country. A separate fee will be charged for this


Who are your teaching staff?

YS draws from a diverse skill pool through a careful selection process. Find more about our learning facilitators


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