Online Science Workshops ! 

Young-Scientist conducts workshop on various themes to enrich children’s application knowledge. We are offering some of these workshops in online mode using "Zoom" meeting .

Introduction to YS (YS) is a start-up that specializes in science education for children, making it fun and interesting. We employ visual learning techniques in a stress-free, hands-on environment where science is brought to life through experiments and activities. Our journey began in Chennai, India and we have been expanding ever since gaining expertise in a variety of forms of science communication. We have partnered with schools, Montessori learning centers, MNCs and non-profit organizations to expand our reach to as many children as possible. We conduct weekly workshops on Math, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and Robotics at the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai. 

Why Online Workshops?

Time is the currency of our times. We want to maximise the benefit we can get from each day. While our hands-on workshops are a great source of inspiration for young minds.COVID 19 has made everyone to switch to remote learning option. So, we have a select collection of programs that have been developed for such an online mode of instruction. 

Available online courses


Available Courses

=> Astrophysics (Click here for more details)
=> Brain XL (Click here for more details)
=> Robocompass
=> Android App devleopment using App inventer Kit


Advanced Topics

=> Nanotechnology
=> Artificial Intelligence
=> Quantum Computing
=> Biometrics


Upcoming Courses

We are setting up this
=> Aerospace
=> Aeromodelling
=> Introduction to Data Structure
=> Web development


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